How to use AI Blog Wizard in DinuAI

1. Navigate to DinuAI Dashboard

2. Click “AI Blog Wizard

3. Click “Generate Full Article

4. Fill in the “Topic” field.

5. Select the “Number of Keywords

6. Click “Generate Keywords” Button

7. Click this checkbox

8. Click “Next Step” Button

9. Fill in the “Number of Titles” Field

10. Now choose your tone

11. Click “Generate Titles” Button

12. Select your choice

13. Click “Next” Button

14. Choose your “Image Style

15. Choose your “Mood

16. Choose your “Image Resolution

17. Choose your “Number of Results

18. Click “Generate Images” Button

19. Choose your choice

20. Click “Next” Button

21. Choose your Tone

22. Click the “Generate Outlines” Button

23. Click your choice

24. Click “Next” Button

25. Click your choice

26. Click “Generate Article” Button

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